Script Runs successfully - but no output file

Feb 1 at 11:12 PM
I used the Examples on the "How to" page to run the script against a single machine, single instance. I am Admin for both the box and SQL.

Using verbose logging, there is a lot of detail about the items and elements found during the scan... everything looks good until the last 4 lines of the log file which read something like this:

XXXX (datetime) Scanned [MachineName] at IP Address x.x.x.x with 0 errors
XXXX (datetime) Machine scan complete (Success: 1; Failure: 0)
XXXX (datetime) Writing Inventory to disk
XXXX (datetime) No machines found!

I tried the script both with and without specifying "-DirectoryPath"

Same results in the log file... no output file from the scan.